Ebook: What is Voice Commerce and Why Does it Matter in 2022?

Voice commerce uses voice recognition AI technology that enables consumers to execute transactions from any smart speaker device, whether that be in their home, office, or even their car. In other words, voice commerce allows consumers to complete transactions with their voice.

Conversational Commerce Elevates the Customer Experience

Global ecommerce sales have already exceeded $4.2 trillion across 2021, with U.S. consumers accounting for roughly 25% of that growth over the last year. Learn how to service your highest-value customer, learn more about low-code voice technology interface, and more!

Ebook: Voice-Enabled Order Status and Delivery Notifications

Consumers are more comfortable shopping online than ever before, and the competition to continue to exceed sales and revenue targets is driving major innovation across the landscape of online business.

What is Voice Commerce and Why Does it Matter in 2022?

Voice commerce enables the complete shopping experience with the consumers' voice using AI technology readily available from any smart speaker device, whether that be in the home, office, or even car.

Ebook: Conversational Commerce Elevates the Customer Experience

Voice-powered retail technologies are reshaping consumer behavior, driving loyalty, and creating new opportunities to drive interaction and brand engagement across ecommerce platforms in a whole new way.

Voice-Enabled Order Status and Delivery Notifications

Shoppers across the United States are on track to spend more than $933.30 billion across their favorite ecommerce channels in 2022, a 17.9% year over year increase from the groundbreaking success achieved in 2020. 

The Power of Voice Technology

2021 has been an absolute breakout year for eCommerce success, and global revenues have already exceeded $4.92 trillion—a 45% increase over 2020, the year with the previous highest recorded online sales totals—and the year isn't even finished or showing any signs of slowing down.

AI in Retail & E-Commerce Now and Into the Future

In this conversation, we focus on what the research is showing in terms of how people are searching and shopping and how AI and voice is changing the customer experience and making it better.

Ebook: The Power of Voice Technology

The global eCommerce revolution has completely transformed the retail shopping experience, and the vast digital transformation driven by the global pandemic has only accelerated the growth of online sales channels.

What Direct To Consumer Brands Need To Know About Voice Apps

55% of US homes have smart speakers, and 43% use the technology to shop. You are at a disadvantage if you are not providing these millions of shoppers a way to voice shop your products!

The Rise of Voice Commerce Within the Retail Industry

Believe it or not, the development of voice-assisted search and artificial intelligence has been around for decades. 

The Rise of Voice Commerce Within The Retail Industry

Voice apps are becoming a new normal. We have them on our phones, our watches, in our cars, and even on our home countertops and refrigerators. If you haven't already, you need to develop a voice app connecting your customers to your storefront. 

VOICE Global 2021 | Building Brand Loyalty with Voice Apps, a Retailer's Perspective

An open conversation between Blutag, a Saas platform enabling retail companies to deliver voice apps, and their client Copper Compression.

Voice Forward, a Discussion with Voice Assistant Experts

The concept of Voice First may be better described as Voice Forward - focusing on voice as an additional interface, not necessarily the only interface.

Alexa for Retailers and the Voice Shopping Landscape

Voice shopping on Alexa and Google Assistant smart speakers is a $2bn market today and is forecast to explode. According to Amazon's Patrick Gauthier, 20% of Americans are ready for voice shopping now, and 39% of all AmericanS will complete some part of their purchase journey via voice by 2022.

Blutag Voice Commerce

Blutag is a turnkey SaaS solution that enables retail companies to deliver voice apps to their customers without coding in just a few simple steps.

Voice Tech Podcast ep.022 - Shilp Agarwal, Blutag

Shilp Agarwal is the CEO of Blutag, a voice retail solution that lets customers search/browse a product catalog on Alexa and Google Assistant. We get to hear some product demos showing how customers can quickly reorder products they've bought before, and also browse new options before making an informed choice.

Bots & AI Meetup - June 2019 - Rise of Voice Marketing Panel

Bots and AI hosts a panel of builders that have helped big brands get early success in voice and share with the audience pragmatic advice and substantial use case outcomes.

How Copper Compression Increased Their AOV by 32% for their Best Customers 

Copper Compression partnered with Blutag to create an Alexa skill that allows their customers to feel like they’re interacting with Pro Quarterback Drew Brees.

How Fresh Direct Increased Their Shopping Cart Size by 11%

FreshDirect partnered with Blutag, connected their custom platform to Blutag and was able to generate voice apps on both Alexa and Google Assistant.

How Ballsy Increased Their Order Frequency by 38% by Increasing Customer Engagement

Ballsy partnered with Blutag to add an Alexa skill that not only allows their customers to quickly reorder their favorite products but receive proactive notifications about their order.

How Modcup Coffee Saw 72% CVR on a Campaign to Acquire New Customers

Modcup partnered Blutag to promote their brand. Modcup was able to connect their existing Shopify store to the Blutag platform and generate a branded Alexa Skill that was live within 3 weeks on the Alexa Skill store.

How Gravity Blankets Increased Their Average Order Value by 23%

By partnering with Blutag Gravity Blankets was able to connect their existing Shopify store to the Blutag platform. Customers started engaging with the voice app immediately resulting in increased average order value for those customers.