How Copper Compression Increased Their AOV by 32% for Their Best Customers

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Copper Compression sells a line of therapeutic copper infused athletic wear to help aid in both action and recovery.


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Copper Compression wanted to stand out in the sea of recovery wear brands in an innovative manner.  They wanted to make sure their best customers became their biggest fans. 



Copper Compression partnered with Blutag to create an Alexa skill that allows their customers to feel like they’re interacting with Pro Quarterback Drew Brees. Customers can purchase & reorder products, learn about copper infused clothing the best way to maximize those benefits, discover different products, receive proactive voice notifications about their orders, check their order status and have access to exclusive Alexa only deals.



Copper Compression was able to connect their existing Shopify store to the Blutag platform and generate a branded Alexa Skill that was live within weeks in the Alexa Skill store. Customer started engaging with the voice app immediately resulting in increased average order value for those customers.  Copper Compression also offers Alexa only deals that helps them introduce their voice app as many customers as possible.



Copper Compression saw a 32% increase in average order value for customers that started engaging with their Alexa Skill.  The increase in engagement was 3X for those customers.  


It’s a no brainer for brands to use Blutag to launch their voice experiences. If we did it in house, we would be way behind in the capabilities of what our voice skill can do. Also, having a dashboard that provides usage analytics is a must to understand how users are interacting with our voice experience.

-Matthew M.,Growth Strategies and Operations




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