Shoppers across the United States are on track to spend more than $933.30 billion across their favorite ecommerce channels in 2022, a 17.9% year over year increase from the groundbreaking success achieved in 2020. Consumers are more comfortable shopping online than ever before, and the competition to continue to exceed sales and revenue targets is driving major innovation across the landscape of online business.

Top ecommerce brands such as Amazon, Chewy, and Best Buy have transformed consumer behavior and expectations by continuing to refine their services. Currently, 41% of American consumers receive one or two Amazon deliveries each week, while those in the 18-25 (50%) and 26-35 (57%) age demographics were even more likely to receive shipments from the company.

As of October 2021, Amazon and Walmart, America's two largest online retailers, controlled 47.6% of the market. To be fair, it's important to emphasize that Amazon alone accounted for 41% of that total. Additionally, the following ten most successful online retailers after Amazon only account for 26% of the total online revenues generated in the United States.

It's impossible to discount the influence these major brands have had on consumer behaviors and expectations when shopping online. In just a few short years, huge segments of the global population have grown accustomed to enjoying online shopping experiences that have been rigorously tested and refined to achieve optimal results.

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While there is something to be said for creating a singular experience, the ground rules for online shopping are being written by brands able to leverage resources for success. Smaller and medium-sized online brands need to distinguish themselves from an increasingly crowded pack by delivering an even better customer experience, greater convenience, and opportunities to enjoy the perks that so many customers have grown accustomed to.

The Amazon Effect is a real phenomenon that has raised the barriers for success for all ecommerce brands while also creating tremendous new opportunities for the companies that can master a modern omnichannel sales strategy. Currently, 56% of shoppers expect services such as next-day shipping to be available on all online orders, and 83% expect regular and frequent communication around the status of their online orders.

While resolving logistics challenges and supply chain problems might be difficult for many brands to address, enhancing after-sale delivery status notification practices is straightforward and achievable. Online brands can generate much more successful customer retention simply by creating easy ways to access the information they want after completing a purchase online.

Currently, over 70% of online retailers prefer to use methods to achieve bidirectional communication in the form of sending a type of notification about shipping status, parcel tracking, and the estimated delivery date for a purchased item. These have become a standard, and while email, text messages, and push notifications have been some popular notification methods, the landscape of order status notifications and shipping notifications has changed in the space of a very short period.

Implementing a voice technology solution is the key to creating a more automated and efficient omnichannel white-glove sales strategy. Attract better, more loyal, and higher spending customers. Develop more custom and personalized sales strategies by harnessing the full ROI of voice commerce solutions. Real-time notifications alleviate buyer anxiety, build trust, create better customer retention and drive a more inclusive customer experience at a very reasonable return on investment.

This ebook will discuss the amazing potential for voice-enabled order status and delivery status notifications to create more successful business outcomes for DTC retail brands.

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Implement Voice-Enabled Order Status Notifications and Delivery Status Notifications

Success in today's fast-paced modern business environment depends on the ability to consistently deliver a world-class customer experience. That means understanding what your customers think, feel, and expect when interacting with your brand.

Today's online shoppers have grown accustomed to the ecommerce experiences they enjoy when shopping across major online retail channels. Failing to provide the same customer experience as the major players in the industry increases the potential to lose market share in a competitive market environment.

Consider that 53% of consumers today state they simply will not complete a purchase if they do not know when their delivery will arrive. In comparison, 54% are willing to make repeat purchases only when they receive clear insight about when to expect a package. Shipping notifications and guidance around order status generate confidence and distinguish an online business as one that customers can trust.

Though it may be challenging for many brands to achieve such results, as many as 61% of modern consumers would optimally like to receive their online purchases within 3 hours or less. While matching these expectations is undoubtedly a challenge, there is a tremendous opportunity to provide clear information in a simple and easy-to-digest format.

Implementing voice-enabled order status and delivery status notifications allows your customers to get the information they care about in as quick and easy a way as possible. Voice-enabled order status and delivery notifications allow your customers to get the information they need while on the go and hands-free.

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Why Voice-Enabled Order Status and Delivery Notifications Work and Deliver a Significant ROIDelivery Notifications WP - Blutag IMAGES_4

Voice-enabled order status and delivery notifications work by converting the typical experience of receiving a shipping update via email, a pushnotification, or a text and integrating that experience in a way that allows customers to achieve the results they want in a much faster period. Furthermore, when customers hear that their order has been delivered in a personalized way it offers instant peace of mind, generating loyalty and creating a better user experience.

Voice-enabled notifications offer businesses an additional branding opportunity that goes beyond email and text-based notifications. Conversational notifications allow your brand to communicate with your customers in a highly personalized way. This allows them to hear the voice of your brand and company name more frequently which generates a stronger connection and increased loyalty.

Smart speakers are quickly becoming ubiquitous. During Q2 of 2021, Amazon was followed by Google, Baidu, Alibaba, and Apple to claim the top 5 U.S. smart speaker sales slots, collectively moving 39 million units. By 2028, the total market is projected to reach a value of $24.09 billion. Q3 of 2021 saw a 10% year-over-year increase in the number of smart speakers and displays sold. Every type of product, from new vehicles to smartphones, computers to washing machines, is shipped with built-in smart speaker technology and a voice activation function.

Currently, customers use voice commands with voice assistants released by Amazon, Google, and Apple. Since Amazon released Alexa, it has been the world's leading voice assistant and the main voice interface included on over 69% of all the smart speakers sold in the last five years. There is every reason to provide a branded order and delivery status notification system using Alexa skills.

Every day more and more people are using smart speaker technologies to add value and simplify their lives. The ROI of voice is very competitive and drives month-to-month customer retention that will help shore up long-term profitability. These new marketing, sales, and customer service channels exist, and there is every reason to believe they will continue to swallow up market share and new users in the years to come.

Low-code turnkey branded, voice-enabled order and delivery status notifications allow you to set up a cloud-powered voice application on your ecommerce site very quickly and affordably. Learn more about the ROI of voice.

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Voice-Enabled Order Status Notifications: Use Cases

By late 2021, supply chain challenges have wreaked havoc on lead times and logistics for most brands in the world. Customers care about receiving timely information about their online purchases more than ever, and that is where order status notifications come in.

Whereas standard order status notifications via email, push, or text message are automatically generated, voice-enabled notifications are triggered when a customer asks to receive information by activating an Alexa action that has been branded to your online business. In this way, adding a voice-enabled order status notification adds another dimension of contact and source of value for your brand.

Adding voice-enabled order status notifications to perishable products and products with sensitive delivery windows reduces customer pain points. Imagine a customer who has just placed an order for a living tree. The shipment is oversized and the plant should not be left outside in the cold winter climate.

In a situation like that, a customer is very likely to want real-time updates about their order status and delivery notifications to ensure they can receive their plant before it succumbs to poor weather. In this case, the customer might use the order status notification app multiple times to verify that a payment went through, that an order is in process, a shipment was made, and finally, that a delivery has been completed.

Status notifications help your customers to stay informed about their purchases. By simply asking their smart speaker: “where is my order from XYZ store,” they receive the insights they need to feel more comforted and supported. Voice-enabled status notifications are the easiest and most convenient way to check an order status instantly, without having to search for a mobile device or track down an email notification that may be difficult to locate. All your customers need to do is ask and they receive the information they are looking for.

Should any issues or problems arise during the order process, the voice-enabled order status notification allows the customer to get the same information they are likely to receive by email, text message, or push notification, in the form of a simple yet effective conversational format. Many customers value this method of brand communication, and there is every reason to believe that it will only grow in the coming years as technology penetration, user adoption, and use continue to rise.

Order status notifications are helpful for every type of online product and shopper. Your customers want to know when their goods will arrive, which adds an extra way to receive that information. In addition, a new conservational interface added to your site can be further developed to serve other purposes as we move closer to the long-promised vision of ambient computing. If this term sounds complex, it simply means accessing devices, apps, platforms, and online tools without keyboards or screens using our voice, hands, and other movements or gestures.

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Voice-Enabled Delivery Status Notifications: Use Cases

Delivery status notifications could be considered a type of order status notification. However, they focus on providing detailed insights about a specific shipment's process from a supplier to your customer's locations.

Voice-enabled delivery notifications allow busy people to move faster and get the insight they need without having to open a laptop, log in with passwords, access a browser, navigate to your ecommerce site or open an email. Instead, all that needs to happen is a simple voice command is said, and then your customer receives exactly what they are looking for in the shortest possible time.

Products such as flowers, fruit, groceries, baby and pet foods receive huge volumes of customer service inquiries every single day at the online brands that sell these types of products. Adding a voice-enabled interface allows your online business to accomplish more without having to invest in more call center agents or direct more human capital towards handling increased customer service complaints during the busiest times of the year.

In this way, adding voice-enabled delivery status notifications can be seen as a type of business process automation that saves your business time and money while also helping to position your company against your market environment and competitors within your niche.

In essence, there are unlimited applications for deploying order status and delivery status notifications. Modern online shoppers are increasingly becoming conditioned to expect these services, and providing them allows your brand to retain higher value customers at an attractive ROI. If you are interested in securing your position today and generating growth long into the future, you need to consider offering a white label turnkey voice-enabled solution.


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Take Action Today to Capitalize on Emerging Consumer Trends, Behaviors, and SentimentDelivery Notifications WP - Blutag IMAGES_5

In 2007, Apple launched the iPhone, which was the product consumers didn't know they needed. Just 15 years later, people worldwide cannot bear to think of living without their trusty smartphones.

The success of that single product completely transformed the business landscape and the way people connect with technology. While that growth created opportunities for Apple, it also created space for competing technologies and brands.

Right now, the world's largest and most dominant ecommerce brands are rolling out voice technologies to drive the next giant leap forward in ecommerce. Over the next 15 years, our world will be changed in considerable ways by the proliferation of voice technology and many exciting new ways of communicating with, engaging, and ultimately retaining your best customers.

The future is here, but there is still time to secure your position and achieve disruption by implementing voice-enabled order status and delivery notifications. Blutag can help. Design a low-code turnkey branded voice-powered notification app for Amazon Alexa. Your customers will appreciate it, and you will quickly see your brand is accomplished more with less, thanks to the amazing power of voice technology.

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