How Modcup Coffee Saw 72% CVR on a Campaign to Acquire New Customers

About Modcup Coffee



Modcup Coffee is a Jersey City-based coffee roaster with multiple cafes, as well as a large e-commerce business serving nationwide. They were looking to offer voice-based commerce experiences to their customers but didn’t have the technical know-how in-house.

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reorder frequency



As a smaller brand, they wanted to expand their audience and get their coffee into as many mugs as possible.



Partnered with Blutag to promote the Modcup brand to new and existing customers by introducing a new blend of coffee in a manner that will also be a memorable experience for their customers.



Modcup was able to connect their existing Shopify store to the Blutag platform and generate a branded Alexa Skill that was live within 3 weeks on the Alexa Skill store. Modcup then ran a special deal on a new blend of coffee that was available for purchase only on Alexa. The deal was marketed to existing Modcup customers and also in a retail industry newsletter.



Modcup coffee saw a 72% conversion on the deal through Alexa, resulting in highest numbers of new customers acquired in a day. Modcup continues to see 4x increase in reorder frequency for customers that have started using the voice app. 


In all of our experience of working with other companies, Blutag has by far been the best experience we have had. The team clearly and concisely communicated how to proceed with every procedure making the onboarding of the Alexa skill as easy as it is to use. Having the skill in place has added immense value to our online storefront by helping to better facilitate an online relationship with our long term customers. I would highly recommend this service to any business looking to add value to their online presence.

-Christopher Ortiz, Head Roaster






Download the Case Study


To learn more about Blutag and get a PDF version of the case study, download below!

Modcup Coffee Alexa Skill Launch case study

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