How Fresh Direct Increased Their Shopping Cart Size by 14%

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FreshDirect is a leading online grocer in the US, delivering premium quality fresh-from-the-farm foods as well as brand-name groceries within the tri-state area. They were looking to offer conversational commerce experiences to their customers but didn’t have the technical knowhow in house.

Custom e-commerce platform  

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FreshDirect realized that online grocery market has become more competitive than ever, especially since the beginning of the pandemic and that their customers have other options when it comes to online shopping. FreshDirect knew that they must take care of their best customer by giving them the most convenient way to shop.



FreshDirect decided to give their customers the ability to modify their deliveries and add items to their cart through voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant, realizing that a good amount of these smart speakers are in kitchens. This would give FreshDirect customers the ease of adding items to their shopping cart without having to launch a browser or a mobile app.



FreshDirect partnered with Blutag, connected it's custom platform to Blutag's e-commerce specific AI model and was able to  generate voice apps on both Alexa and Google Assistant. The voice app lets customers quickly modify their grocery orders and add to their shopping carts via smart speakers.



FreshDirect saw a 14% increase in shopping cart sizes for users that started adding items using their Alexa or Google Assistant enabled smart devices. 


FreshDirect Customer Review       5-star-image


No more keeping a list, whether written, on your mobile, or by voice ... just put it right in your cart when you remember a grocery item you need. 15+ year user of FreshDirect, and it just got even better..

-Josh M, FreshDirect customer



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