Brand Highlight: Copper Compression - Recovery Apparel with a Real Advantage

In a crowded niche, Copper Compression is offering something different – recovery apparel that lasts longer, accelerates healing, and strengthens the body. The secret? Copper-infused materials. And now buying Copper Compression products is easier than ever.

Copper Compression isn’t like other recovery apparel brands. The company takes a different design approach, one that produces far better results for customers. What Copper Compression does is infuse copper into material fibers. This approach enables products to last longer and provide better stability to wearers. It helps keep swelling down and speeds up blood flow throughout the body.

The copper also prevents odor-causing bacteria from building up over time. The products stay fresher, longer – elbow sleeves, wrist braces, smart touch gloves, etc. don’t lose their function or appeal after a few wears (at Blutag, we love the recovery calf sleeves!). All of this amounts to a superior recovery apparel brand that knows what customers want – great products that last a long time and serve the body well.

Fortunately, we had the opportunity to work with Copper Compression and build them an Alexa skill that acts as an extension of the brand. To get started, people only have to ask Alexa to “Open Copper Compression.”

“It’s a no-brainer for brands to use Blutag to launch their voice experiences. If we did it in house, we would be way behind in the capabilities of what our voice skill can do. Also, having a dashboard that provides usage analytics is a must to understand how users are interacting with our voice experience.”

-Matthew M., Growth Strategies and Operations


How Copper Compression’s Skill Works

When the skill launches, shoppers hear a testimonial from future Hall of Fame quarterback Drew Brees who advocates for the Copper Compression brand. This draws customers in and establishes a stronger connection to the brand. While Brees is talking, users hear a buy-one-get-one-free offer, giving them further incentive to make a purchase. Alexa also talks about this promotion directly after Brees finishes. 

Next, the skill prompts the user with a question that is highly relevant to the brand – “what body part do you need help with?” It then provides suggestions on what the user can say, like “my knee,” “my foot,” or “my hand.” After the shopper says a body part, Alexa presents a screen of product options and reads them aloud, each with a corresponding number that can be seen on an APL screen. Users have a choice here – they can say either the product name or the product number to make a selection. The skill takes this request and returns only the sizes that are available. 

After, Alexa follows up with another prompt: “Which size would you like?” After the customer responds with a size, the skill shows a summary of the order on the screen (if applicable) or speaks the summary out loud. In both cases, the summary includes the product, the size, and the price. The skill follows up by asking the shopper if they’re ready to buy the product or add it to the cart. Here’s a video demonstration of this complete skill in action. 

Copper Compression’s voice shopping journey takes around one minute, and first-time shoppers walk away with a free product for making a purchase. Along the way, Alexa provides prompts that align with the on-screen display, making it easy for shoppers to keep up with what’s happening.


What’s Happening on the Back End?

Behind the scenes, the skill we built for Copper Compression integrates with the brand’s eCommerce platform. It pulls from the company’s inventory and product catalog, ensuring the voice shopping channel is aligned with other eCommerce sales channels. We also provide an interactive dashboard for managing and analyzing voice assistant performance. 

In Copper Compression’s case, we were able to increase average order value (AOV) by 32% for customers who used the skill. Overall, engagement for these shoppers also increased 3x! As time goes on, these individuals are far more likely to stick with the brand and become long-term patrons with higher lifetime values. Click here to read the full Copper Compression case study.


To learn more about our platform and what skills we can develop for your brand, request a demo here. We’ll give you the tools you need to differentiate your online retail business through voice technology. And we’ll do it in a way that directly benefits your bottom-line.  

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