Blutag helps bulk retailer EZneeds tap into the $40 billion voice commerce market

EZneeds generated its voice shopping experience for its customers using the Blutag platform, where there’s no coding required on the retailer’s end. For the first time, EZneeds customers can shop directly through EZneeds using just their voice. Blutag supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, which lets EZneeds customers ask their voice-activated personal assistant to order and reorder bulk items, request coupons and deals and receive personalized recommendations from EZneeds.

Propelled by voice speaker and voice assistant adoption, voice shopping is projected to climb to $40 billion by 2022 and Amazon-dominated household speaker penetration is expected to reach 55 percent by 2022, according to OC & C Strategy Consultants.     Forty-five percent of millennials already use voice assistants when shopping, according to Coupon Follow research.

“Blutag is pleased to enable EZneeds’ early adoption of voice commerce to increase customer satisfaction and engagement by providing product search, orders and personalized recommendations from its store,” said Blutag Co-Founder and CEO Shilp Agarwal. “Voice commerce will completely change the way people shop because it adds a level of ease and personalization to their everyday tasks. Voice assistants are being built into televisions, cars, headphones and more. They delivery daily news briefings, weather reports, and now you can order groceries, household items, refill prescriptions and buy clothing using just voice.”

About EZneeds

EZneeds is the online platform making bulk shopping easier for consumers by shipping their must-have warehouse club products straight to their door without any membership fees. EZneeds offers savings and convenience to those who don’t have time or access to shop at the big-box store, with a wide selection of everyday household and office essentials, including household staples, non-perishable groceries, office supplies, pet supplies, personal care and health items. Based in Houston, Texas, EZneeds was founded in 2016 by founder and CEO Nidal Ganim. Visit EZneeds at

About BlutagBlutag is the leading cloud-based retail voice commerce platform that helps retailers deliver voice shopping experiences to their customers with voice-based smart devices. The platform lets retailers provide these experiences in minutes without coding. Blutag supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, as well as custom and popular in-market platforms, such as Shopify, Magento and others. Based in New York, Blutag was founded in 2015 and is led by co-founder and CEO Shilp Agarwal. Visit Blutag at

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