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Platform Integrations

Connects with Any Ecommerce Platform

Blutag can integrate with most Ecommerce platform including custom platforms.

We support all major ecommerce platforms and can develop custom API integrations.

You can choose from purchases, coupons, FAQs, deals, store locators, and events.

That’s it! Customers can now interact with your store through smart speakers that use Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant!

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Increase Satisfaction With Delivery Notifications

Keep your customers informed with updates about their orders! Send a notification when their product has shipped and has been delivered

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Provide quick re-ordering based on your customers' previous orders

Increase order frequency and customer lifetime value by making it easy for clients to re-order their favorite products! Provide fast lookup of previous orders for easy re-ordering, no clunky checkout process! Ideal for retailers of consumable products like coffee, pet food, cosmetics, and more!


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Take Advantage of All Voice-Enabled Devices

Blutag enables voice shopping for all Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant devices.

Build visual experiences for smart screens and smart TVs

Increase the value of audio ads by making impulse buys easy while on the go

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