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Add Generative AI to your product catalog

Blutag is excited to announce the release of its web and mobile integration. The platform can seamlessly integrate into any online product catalog and give consumers the most natural way to shop, dramatically increasing the speed of building online shopping carts. 

Generative-AI for Grocery and more


Generative-AI API

Train a virtual sales agent so that your customers can chat/talk to your product catalog.

Now live with support for the grocery domain.

Quickly train a custom Sales Agent on your Product Catalog

Custom Models

Our platform is equipped to handle product catalogs from a wide range of categories. Additionally, it offers the ability to incorporate training data tailored to your particular category.

Chat-GPT Integration



Now integrated with OpenAI and ChatGPT API’s. Use our API to create your ChatGPT plugins.

Integrate into your applications, chatbots or voice assistants including cars


Build ChatGPT-Plugins

Integrate into your any applications, chatbots or voice assistants including cars

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