Delight your customers!

Using Blutag's goal based conversational commerce platform, give your customers a unique shopping experience and dramatically increase your cart sizes!

Blutag Advantage

Blutag stands out as the sole conversational commerce solution in-market. Our efficacy has been proven by driving customer retention for renowned brands and grocers.

Unlike general-purpose, incredibly expensive, language models such as ChatGPT, Blutag is a specialized vertical Language Model (LLM) purpose-built for the e-commerce domain, offering superior efficiency and cost-effectiveness, while still leveraging the capabilities of GPT-3 and future iterations like GPT-4. Layered AI systems like are the configuration that will help drive the most value for retailers looking to leverage artificial intelligence.


Seamless Integration

Our AI model easily plugs into your existing web site, mobile app, or voice assistant. We support both custom, and in-market platforms such as Shopify, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Wynshop and more. 

We understand how complex e-commerce systems can be and have designed our platform keeping in mind that most tech teams already have enough on their plate. Our APIs do the heavy lifting giving your team to focus on whatever existing priorities they have in their pipeline.

Interactive Dashboard

Not only are these plugins smarter, but they also include a comprehensive analytics dashboard. This dashboard allows you to monitor the performance of your assistant and make necessary improvements. Given the constantly evolving nature of this technology and the ample room for improvement, having an interactive dashboard is essential for learning and long-term enhancement.


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