Amazon Pay Features Rothy's Blutag Enabled Voice Skill

Amazon Pay recently featured Rothy’s shoe ordering using Alexa, powered by Blutag.

Said Amazon Pay, “In addition to thinking about the future of the planet, Rothy’s is embracing innovations in modern online shopping. The company successfully integrated Amazon Pay into its web store last year, with great success, and they have now added an exclusive Alexa skill which makes buying your latest pair of Rothy’s that much faster.”

Rothys TweetCustomers can quickly get shipping updates via Alexa as well. Rothy’s has transformed over 30 million plastic water bottles into stylish flats. Blutag helped Rothy’s give their loyal customers an easy way to order and track shipments of shoes.

Rothys alexa skill

In an Amazon Pay Customer Success Story, Amazon also discussed the impact of implementing Amazon Pay for Rothy's. "Orders through Amazon Pay have the highest average order value across any other payment method," said Kate MacCabe, Director, Product Management, Rothy's. 

"The Alexa skills feature is a great example of [Amazon Pay] looking up and out and helping us open up different avenues through which our customers can interact with our brand. In an increasingly connected world where our customers seek a seamless experience across channels and devices, we see it as a huge perk that we are able to innovate with Alexa through Amazon Pay," said MacCabe.

Amazon Pay Features Rothy's Blutag Enabled Voice Skill

Blutag can help your brand quickly implement voice ordering and shipment tracking of Amazon Pay purchases via Alexa and boost your brand's revenue instantly. Learn more from our free guide, "The Rise of Voice Apps Within the Retail Industry."


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