Blutag Releases Voice Shopping Integration for BigCommerce: Free Delivery Notifications App in the BigCommerce Marketplace

It’s no secret online shoppers absolutely love to stay up to date on the latest information about their online purchases. In fact, 83% of consumers today anticipate and expect order status notifications every time they buy something online. Furthermore, 59% of customers are yearning for more ways to connect with their favorite online retailers.

Voice technology empowers ecommerce brands to connect with their customers and provides the ability to perform shopping tasks in an ambient manner without the need to launch a browser or open a mobile application. Allow your customers to reorder products, track deliveries, check order status, explore FAQs, and add items to their shopping carts in a simple conversational way.

That’s why Blutag is so pleased to announce the release of our turnkey SaaS voice-enabled solution Delivery Notifications. Now, even smaller brands will be able to leverage scalable voice technology solutions to drive the future of customer interactions. With our free delivery notification integration, brands are able to send proactive notifications to their customers’ Alexa Devices for all orders that were placed at their BigCommerce online shops.

With Blutag Alexa Notifications, customers will receive conversational delivery status notifications, including the brand’s name, directly on their smart speakers, for free. The result is a much more streamlined communication channel between your brand and your most engaged customers. Without the customer even needing to pick up a device or manipulate a screen, they will not only get the delivery status notification they are looking for but also hear the brand’s name (ex. “Your order from Black Rifle Coffee is out for delivery.” 

Now available for BigCommerce merchants, get a free download, seamless Alexa integration, and a clear pathway to harnessing the incredible potential of voice technology for your ecommerce brand. Blutag delivers a true turnkey solution that allows brands to see the value of voice commerce upfront to get a better idea of the amazing conversion rate optimization this new and disruptive innovation offers.

Implement Voice-Powered Delivery Status Notifications for Free Now

Blutag is proud to be driving voice technology forward. In addition to free delivery notifications, additional opportunities such as spoken purchase reordering prompts, order status notifications, voice-powered store locator utilities, and even fully conversational FAQ functions can also be enabled. These additional features allow customers to speak directly with their favorite brands and receive direct answers to their most pressing concerns immediately using a simple and intuitive conversational platform designed for Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant.

Since launching across the Shopify Ecommerce App Marketplace, Blutag has delivered the next giant leap forward in voice-enabled ecommerce technology. Online companies now have access to a true white-glove service that allows merchants to take command of a totally new way to enhance customer experience, increase shopping cart sizes, and retain higher value customers more easily.

What are you waiting for? Download Blutag Alexa Notifications for free now!


Blutag Brings Voice Shopping Success to your Brand

Now is the absolute best time to deliver a voice-enabled delivery notification integration to your ecommerce site hosted on BigCommerce. Simply download Alexa Delivery Notifications by Blutag totally free of charge. See the value of the technology for yourself and then design the perfect scalable solution to captivate your audience and speak directly to their wishes, hopes and desires. 

Install the free solution right away to start engaging your highest value customers using a streamlined and automated voice technology solution that is sure to drive higher sales revenues, greater customer satisfaction, and retention. Offer the easiest and most convenient voice-enabled delivery status notification tool for BigCommerce. 

Get the Blutag Alexa Delivery Notification App. Download the Ebook

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