What is voice commerce

[New Ebook] What is Voice Commerce and Why Does it Matter in 2022?

NEW EBOOK:  Enable the complete shopping experience with the customers' voice using AI technology, readily available from any smart speaker: What is Voice Commerce and Why Does it Matter in 2022?

What is Voice Commerce? 

Voice commerce uses voice recognition AI technology that enables consumers to execute transactions from any voice-enabled device, whether that be in their home, office, or even their car. In other words, voice commerce allows consumers to complete transactions with their voice.

  • To communicate using voice, consumers can use their smartphone or a smart speaker like Amazon Echo or Google Nest, their smart TV, and even their automobile.
  • Smart speaker devices communicate using various artificial intelligence technology (AI) like Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant (Hey Google).

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What is Voice Shopping

Voice shopping experiences are more than just shopping. Voice shopping entails the entire gamut of the consumer purchasing process and buyer’s journey:

  • Typical buyer's journey questions posed to Alexa
    • Problem “Alexa: Why do I need an air purifier?
    • Solution: “Alexa: What is the best air purifier?”
    • Search: “Alexa: I would like to buy an air purifier. What is available now?”
    • Investigation: “Alexa: Tell me more.”
    • Purchase: “Alexa: Buy it now.”

  • Delivery notifications from Alexa
    • “Your Dyson Air Purifier will arrive in 2 days.”
    • “By the way, an Amazon package will be delivered today containing a Dyson Air Purifier.”


Voice Commerce’s Explosive Growth in 2022

The latest data shows that 4.2 billion digital voice assistants are being used in smart devices around the world, driving explosive growth in conversational commerce tech. Industry analysts predict that by 2024, the number of digital voice assistants in operation is likely to exceed 8.4 billion units—a sum higher than the total population of every citizen in the world—and smart speaker sales are expected to surpass $30 billion. Voice technologies enhance how people connect with their favorite brands and have created unique opportunities that did not exist even a few years ago.

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