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New Case Study: Modcup Coffee Alexa Skill Launch

Modcup Coffee is a Jersey City-based coffee roaster with multiple cafes, as well as a large e-commerce business serving nationwide. They were looking to offer voice-based commerce experiences to their customers but didn’t have the technical know-how in-house.


Modcup Coffee signed up for the Blutag PRO Plan and is using our Product Ordering and Product Search voice offerings. 


They were able to connect their existing WooCommerce store and AmazonPay Seller ID to the Blutag platform within minutes and their voice conversation was tested & certified within a 3 week period.

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Skill Launch Promotion

Modcup Coffee’s Alexa Skill was ready to go live in less than 3 weeks of them signing up. To encourage customers to use the skill they created an exclusive Alexa only coffee blend, pricing it at $1 with free shipping. 

Over 140 orders were placed within the first 48 hours of the promotion. 95% of the orders were placed by customers that were new to the Modcup Coffee brand.

To learn more about Blutag and get a PDF version of the case study, download below!   

Modcup Coffee Alexa Skill Launch case study

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