Brand Highlight: Chef Hak’s Launches Bold New Voice Shopping Feature

Chef Hak’s isn’t like other online brands. Why? It’s founded on a special combination of ingredients – a celebrity chef, deliciously clean foods, and a differentiated online shopping experience. 

Chef Sharone Hakman was already a big name in the food industry before we began working together. He was on the hit reality competitive cooking series, MasterChef, after leaving behind a successful career as a financial advisor. Chef Hakman wanted to pursue his passion for preparing high-quality, high-integrity food. More than 10 years later, Chef Hakman continues to innovate and amaze customers with his bold flavors and clean ingredients. And now he’s setting his brand apart in another way. 

Chef Hakman’s company, Chef Hak’s, recently went live with a new extension of their eCommerce business – a voice skill that takes the online shopping experience to the next level. The brand was already well-known for its unique BBQ sauces, cooking sauces, and single-serve dressings. Now, these products are available through an Alexa skill that delivers even more value to customers.

Being an organic food brand based heavily in retail, it's been great for Chef Hak's to be using Blutag to help us better understand our customers' behavior. Blutag's dashboard provides usage analytics and shows a great picture of how our users are interacting with our voice experience. If you're looking to increase your customer's lifetime value Blutag is a perfect integration to your store.

Nicole Sebergandio, Social Media Associate 


How Chef Hak’s Skill Works

Chef Hak’s voice skill does a number of things. First, it allows customers to purchase the brand’s delicious sauces and dressings through Alexa devices. Shoppers can order any product from Chef Hak's and have it sent right to their homes. They can easily reorder that life-changing Organic Buffalo Sauce whenever it runs out. These purchases are as simple as asking a smart Amazon speaker to do it. But beyond these basic actions, there’s much more we were able to do for the brand.

Chef Hak’s voice skill also enables customers to discover new products. Shoppers can ask their skill – “Can you help find me a dressing with avocado?” and get a relevant recommendation in a matter of seconds. This makes Chef Hak’s product catalog more discoverable and increases revenue potential across the board. There’s much less time between the initial craving and ultimate purchase. As soon as customers think of a Chef Hak’s purchase they want to make, they can take action without having to stop, find a device, scroll through the website, add an item to their cart, and check out.

Equally as exciting is the FAQs feature we built into Chef Hak’s voice skill. Customers can ask questions about how to best use specific sauces and dressings. So not only does the voice skill improve product discoverability, but it also enhances the user experience beyond transactions. People can even ask for recipe recommendations that use certain sauces or inquire about the ingredients. 

These moments delivered through voice are what make Chef Hak’s special. The brand isn’t just selling products through a one-time interaction – it’s empowering shoppers to get the most value out of their purchases long after checking out. 

Furthermore, Chef Hak’s voice skill has tracking built in for Alexa devices. Alexa will proactively tell customers about their order statuses and notify them of updates - whether they made them in skill or online. Shoppers don’t have to worry about checking back in with Chef Hak’s. They stay informed and know when to look forward to the arrival of their newest sauce or dressing.


What’s Happening on the Back End?

The skill we created for Chef Hak’s integrates with the company’s back end Shopify platform. It pulls the latest inventory and product information available and displays it in easy-to-understand dashboards for the Chef Hak’s team to evaluate. All of this data is available to Alexa devices, ensuring that customers can only order products that are in stock. 

Though Chef Hak’s voice skill just launched, it’s already been a major buzz topic for the brand. The company is further differentiating itself in the market and getting ahead on what is sure to be a massive trend in the online food shopping industry. And we, at Blutag, we’re so glad we were able to support Chef Hak’s on this journey.

To learn more about how Blutag enables seamless voice shopping experiences, request a demo of our platform here. We’ll help you launch a new voice service that elevates your brand and adds value to your bottom line. And we’ll help you figure out how to delight your customers every time they interact with your business. 


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