VOICE Global 2021

VOICE Global 2021 24-Hour Live Stream Event June 15th and 16th

On Tuesday, June 15th @ 8:30 PM EDT, Shilp Agarwal, CEO Blutag, and Matthew Mangione, Growth Strategies and Operations, Copper Compression will speak on the importance of voice apps in building brand loyalty from a retailer's perspective. Get your free ticket here! 

We are excited that our Ceo and Co-Founder, Shilp Agarwal, will speak at Voice Global 2021 and join client Matthew Mangione, Growth Strategies and Operations at  CopperCompression, for a discussion on what prompted the high-performance athletic and recovery apparel brand to venture into voice, the success of their voice app, and their partnership with legendary quarterback Drew Brees. Get your free ticket here! 

Look for Shilp and Matthew in the 8:30 PM EDT (5:30 PM PDT) timeslot on Tuesday, June 15th. Full conference agenda here

VOICE Global 2021

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