[New Ebook] Voice-Enabled Order Status and Delivery Notifications: Securing Competitive Advantage in Retail

NEW EBOOK:  Learn how to secure a competitive advantage in retail in: Voice-Enabled Order and Delivery Notifications.

Shoppers across the United States are on track to spend more than $933.30 billion across their favorite ecommerce channels in 2022, a 17.9% year over year increase from the groundbreaking success achieved in 2020. Consumers are more comfortable shopping online than ever before, and the competition to continue to exceed sales and revenue targets is driving major innovation across the landscape of online business.

Top ecommerce brands such as Amazon, Chewy, and Best Buy have transformed consumer behavior and expectations by continuing to refine their services. Currently, 41% of American consumers receive one or two Amazon deliveries each week, while those in the 18-25 (50%) and 26-35 (57%) age demographics were even more likely to receive shipments from the company.

It's impossible to discount the influence these major brands have had on consumer behaviors and expectations when shopping online. In just a few short years, huge segments of the global population have grown accustomed to enjoying online shopping experiences that have been rigorously tested and refined to achieve optimal results.

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While there is something to be said for creating a singular experience, the ground rules for online shopping are being written by brands able to leverage resources for success. Smaller and medium-sized online brands need to distinguish themselves from an increasingly crowded pack by delivering an even better customer experience, greater convenience, and opportunities to enjoy the perks that so many customers have grown accustomed to.

While resolving logistics challenges and supply chain problems might be difficult for many brands to address, enhancing after-sale delivery status notification practices is straightforward and achievable. Online brands can generate much more successful customer retention simply by creating easy ways to access the information they want after completing a purchase online.

Currently, over 70% of online retailers prefer to use methods to achieve bidirectional communication in the form of sending a type of notification about shipping status, parcel tracking, and the estimated delivery date for a purchased item. These have become a standard, and while email, text messages, and push notifications have been some popular notification methods, the landscape of order status notifications and shipping notifications has changed in the space of a very short period.

Implementing a voice technology solution is the key to creating a more automated and efficient omnichannel white-glove sales strategy. Attract better, more loyal, and higher spending customers. Develop more custom and personalized sales strategies by harnessing the full ROI of voice commerce solutions. Real-time notifications alleviate buyer anxiety, build trust, create better customer retention and drive a more inclusive customer experience at a very reasonable return on investment. This ebook will discuss the amazing potential for voice-enabled order status and delivery status notifications to create more successful business outcomes for DTC retail brands.

Download our new eBook to learn how completing the investment to implement a voice-powered retail solution, you can expect your revenues to increase significantly!

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