[New Ebook] The Power of Voice Technology

NEW EBOOK:  Learn how voice technology is a new retail sales channel that is reshaping consumer behavior: The Power of Voice Technology.

The global ecommerce revolution has completely transformed the retail shopping experience, and the vast digital transformation driven by the global pandemic has only accelerated the growth of online sales channels.

2021 has been an absolute breakout year for ecommerce success, and global revenues have already exceeded $4.92 trillion—a 45% increase over 2020, the year with the previous highest recorded online sales totals—and the year isn't even finished or showing any signs of slowing down.

It's not hard to understand why this has been taking place. With so many brick-and-mortar retail locations forced to close for a large portion of the last year, it's no surprise that customers have been flocking online and accessing new retail sales channels to complete purchases for every type of product imaginable.

Whether exploring ecommerce sales growth for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) such as groceries, or the types of purchases traditionally completed across a combination of in-store and online sales channels such as luxury automobile sales, an incredible trend begins to come into view: the new normal for business success is online. There are tremendous opportunities available for the brands that can harness the technologies of the moment to differentiate their brands from the competition.

Behind the growth of online sales is the rise in voice technology that transforms the interactive shopping experience and creates new opportunities for brands to communicate with and activate their customer bases.

Voice commerce is undoubtedly changing consumer behavior and expectations around online shopping. Just as America's top ecommerce site, Amazon, which is slated to capture around 40% of online sales this year, has forced smaller companies to work harder to match what their larger competitor is offering, the implementation of voice technology is creating winners and losers as brands respond to the spirit of the moment and deliver the types of retail sales experiences their customers are seeking.

Download our new eBook to learn about the evolution of voice commerce and how you can take advantage of voice technology to boost your sales! 

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