Blutag launches subscription management via Alexa




We're excited to announce Blutag's newest feature where your customers can now manage their subscription using their voice! 

Blutag is now integrated with Recharge! All merchants utilizing Recharge can enable this feature into their Alexa skill. Customers will be able to hear updates on their next shipment, pause and change the frequency of their subscriptions. 

Bestpresso, a seller of espresso capsules and single serve coffee pods, is one of the initial merchants to enable this feature. Bestpresso has more than half of their customer base on their subscription plan. They enabled subscription management for their skill for all customers.

"We are excited to partner with Blutag to let our customers manage their subscriptions through their Alexa devices. Whether they want to check when their next delivery is arriving, change their subscription frequency, they can now do that simply using their voice. Subscription is a big part of our business. Giving customers control over their subscription will definitely help us reduce subscription churn."

                                                Shaya Kraus, E-Commerce Manager
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