E-commerce specific Language Model

Blutag saw the GPT revolution over two years ago when we moved our AI onto GPT-2. Our conversational commerce platform for retailers is a Generative AI solution built on open source LLM and over the past two years, we have diligently trained this model to deliver exceptional results.

Blutag stands out as the sole conversational commerce solution in-market. Our efficacy has been proven by driving customer retention for renowned brands and grocers like Don Pablo Coffee and FreshDirect, .

Unlike general-purpose, incredibly expensive, language models such as ChatGPT, Blutag is a specialized vertical Language Model (LLM) purpose-built for the e-commerce domain, offering superior efficiency and cost-effectiveness, while still leveraging the capabilities of GPT-3 and future iterations like GPT-4. We expect layered AI systems like ours to be the configuration that drives significant ROI for retailers.


Here’s all the good stuff

Best in class platform

Robust platform designed to accommodate product catalogs of all sizes while processing a substantial volume of queries at remarkable speeds.

Your data is your data

Blutag acts as a firewall between your data and any generalized language model to ensure you are in control of your valuable information.


Seamlessly integrates into your existing website, mobile app, chatbot or voice assistant.

Dedicated support

Every merchant has a dedicated point of contact for any questions that may come up before, during or after implimentation.