ChatGPT plugins
Transforming e-commerce customer experience

Blutag is excited to announce the release of its latest feature: Smart ChatGPT plugins. This cutting-edge feature automates the process of building shopping carts from a conversation started inside of ChatGPT, providing an exceptional customer experience that is both seamless and intuitive.

ChatGPT, as we know, has seen exponential growth in the past few months and our expectation on how we interact with information has changed overnight. As an ecommerce business, you have to meet your customers where they are.

Blutag advantage

Blutag's Smart plugins offer a unique advantage to ecommerce stores. They not only act as a bridge between ChatGPT and the store, but also leverage Blutag's AI model, which has been trained on one of the largest conversational commerce datasets. This results in a highly personalized shopping experience by combining the store's product catalog with consumer preferences. For instance, if a customer is looking for recipe ideas, the plugin can suggest ingredients based on their previous orders and dietary restrictions, and even find them at a particular grocer.


Interactive dashboard

Not only are the plugins smarter, but they also include a comprehensive analytics dashboard. This dashboard allows you to monitor the performance of your plugins and make necessary improvements. Given the constantly evolving nature of this technology and the ample room for improvement, having an interactive dashboard is essential for learning and long-term enhancement.

At Blutag, we understand the importance of providing a customer-centric ecommerce experience. That's why we have developed these plugins that are smarter and enable your customers to make purchases and add items to their shopping cart, all within the conversation. This creates a highly elevated experience and dramatically increases the rate at which shopping carts can be built.

Contact us today to learn more about how ChatGPT can help you provide a more personalized and engaging shopping experience for your customers. Our team of experts is ready to help you achieve your goals and grow your business. Let's work together to build a better ecommerce experience for everyone.