New Ebook: What Direct to Consumer Brands Need to Know About Voice Apps

The tremendous growth of consumer activity has drawn the attention of top Direct to Consumer (D2C) brands eager to tap into voice ordering by making their product lines available through voice search apps like Alexa or Google Assistant.

Here are a few examples of top D2C brands that are tapping into voice-activated shopping.

1. Rothy's
Popular women's footwear and accessory company Rothy's offers flats, pointy shoes, and more through their voice app.

2. Black Rifle Coffee
Veteran-owned coffee roast-to-order company Black Rifle Coffee offers coffee ordering, reordering, and status checks through their Alexa Skills enabled app.

3. Copper Compression
Copper Compression is a line of wearables infused with high levels of copper for support, protection, and health benefits. Shoppers can purchase products, hear about policies, and ask about current promotions via the Alexa Skills app.

4. Gravity Blankets
Gravity Blankets provides weighted blankets that help relax customers. Using their Alexa Skills app, customers can process payments, ask for current promotions, and review their return policy.

5. Vanity Planet
Vanity Planet provides beauty tools and wellness products for customers to simulate a spa-grade experience. Shoppers can voice order, process payments, review promotions and return policies, and enable a four-digit voice code to prevent unwanted ordering.

There are millions of products and thousands of brands available through voice shopping apps, and the availability of products and services continues to grow every year. Voice shopping streamlines the online shopping experience and resonates well with younger consumers who have always known digital experiences. In addition, older consumers are increasingly becoming more sophisticated with online shopping as well as more comfortable with voice shopping (with some recent thanks to pandemic lockdowns).

"If you're a (brand) and you're not preparing for this significant trend of e-commerce going toward v-commerce, then you won't be around." - Greg Melich, Senior Retail Analyst, MoffettNathanson

Beyond the fact that voice shopping is growing annually, there are many other critically important reasons why every D2C brand needs a voice shopping strategy in 2021.

In our latest ebook, learn how D2C brands can use voice technology to grow sales and cultivate loyal customers: What Direct to Consumer Brands Need to Know About Voice Apps.


what brands need to know about voice apps

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