Don’t Just Take It From Us: Here’s What Our Customers Are Saying

At Blutag we are passionate about all things voice, but specifically how we can help provide ecommerce platforms with an engaging solution to delight their customers while increasing engagement. But don’t just take it from us. We love to hear our customers' feedback and their thoughts and experiences on working with us. We’re proud of our solution that helps businesses create a voice-based shopping experience, and even more proud of the value we’ve provided our customers.


Here’s what some of them have to say:


“The voice app gives a more personal experience to my customers. It builds a connection or relationship between my store and the customers. It's now the fastest way to place your order, by just speaking to the app, without even touching the device. Because it creates a relationship and a connection with my customers, they are more engaged and become more loyal. Some of my customers have vision impairment or poor writing and reading skills. Some of them can't even move around their home. But by offering them this technology, it shows them how much I care. They feel attached to the brand because it’s easy for them to interact with the store.”


-Greggy Lubin, Founder and CEO, ML Delicate Beauty


ML Beauty



“Voice is just so important. It's not, ‘look on the computer.’ It's not ‘pick up the phone.’ It becomes ubiquitous with the customer experience and frictionless in removing everything. It's just the voice. I see it as being a requirement for young people. They know how to order something on Alexa. And older folks in nursing homes where it's just easier to be able to talk. It's almost using old technology in the most advanced way that it is.


I love getting the weekly reports. I just got the one this morning saying, ‘Hey, here's how many we've interacted this week. Here's how many for the month.’ It’s a nice little reminder, ‘Oh yeah, our company's brand is being spoken in these people's houses.’ Regardless if that is a sale that day, it doesn't matter. It's touching them in these really, really important places. That's the type of small little associations that I think are really important for driving brand loyalty and brand recognition. When they're talking about things, they'll use ‘Copper Compression’ instead of just ‘compression’ or just ‘copper.’ These small things build up and swell to a critical mask that we're looking to move towards. Anytime ‘copper compression’ is mentioned, I feel good.”


-Matthew Mangione, Growth Strategies and Operations, Copper Compression





“I think our Voice app is adding tremendous value to our customers’ experience, and it's really something that is on the cutting edge. So when it comes to my customers’ journey, honestly voice is the future. I think it's going to make it incredibly more impactful and quite frankly, probably something that they're going to demand and look for down the line.


The biggest thing about Voice, or anything that you implement, is how is it going to impact our customers’ loyalty and lifetime value? It's going to be huge. It's going to be very impactful, especially on the lifetime value side, because it's going to make ordering so much easier. Then when it comes to loyalty, it's going to make our customers realize that we are keeping up with the trends. We're ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ and giving them a method to order the way they want to.


I have to say, we tried to create a voice app in-house and it was a complete nightmare. So when Blutag came into the mix, not only did it make the process a lot easier, but it's just significantly better. There's really no reason to take on something like this in-house when you've got a best-of-breed company that'll deliver it for you. I want a one-stop-shop. I don't have the time nor the capacity to look multiple places, so when I log into my platform and I see everything and it becomes ground central for voice. That's huge.”




“Alexa can help with customer acquisition and help to educate consumers on beauty technology since it is so niche and people don't fully understand it yet. Voice increases loyalty and lifetime value because the customer can access the brand in a matter of seconds, and they're able to have their questions answered from anywhere in the comfort of their own home or their office. Our overall experience with Blutag has been amazing. I truly enjoyed working with the team and I look forward to working together on projects involving Alexa and voice in the future.”


-Bella Tabriz, Community Engagement, Vanity Planet



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