How ML Delicate Beauty increased their AOV by 55%

Case Study: How ML Delicate Beauty Increased Customer Engagement 55%

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ML Delicate Beauty is a veteran-owned, black-owned beauty brand specializing in skincare. ML Delicate Beauty strives to become your one-stop shop for all kinds of natural skin care and beauty essentials. Whether it is wrinkles, stretch marks or dark spots you can count on this company for all kind of skin care products and treatments.

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customer engagement



Recognizing the growing importance of voice in the retail space, they started building a voice app with a different company and came to Blutag after frustration with the lengthy onboarding process.



We were able to begin working together and have a live skill in a matter of weeks. Using their skill as a means to increase their existing customer engagement, they’ve built up their FAQ database to be a top source of skincare info for their customers.



ML Delicate Beauty connected their Shopify store to the Blutag platform and generated a branded Alexa skill within weeks, less time it took the original company to connect into their product catalog. ML Delicate Beauty started seeing increased engagement and an increased average order value when their customers began utilizing their skill as a knowledge bank for all things skincare. 



ML Delicate Beauty saw a 34% increase in average order value; customer engagement increased by 55%.



It's been such a wonderful and rewarding experience to work with Blutag and its awesome team for the past months. The Team is very knowledgeable and professional. In a short period of time, they have created my company Alexa skill and I am very thrilled with their work and support. Their talented Customer Success Manager has been such good help and support and she helped my company to excel in this competitive voice-interaction shopping market. I highly recommend this company, they are reliable and will deliver as promised.

-Greggy L., Founder

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