Blutag Named One of the Most Promising Startups of 2021

On July 13, 2021, Business Insider named Blutag one of the "15 of the most promising digital advertising and media startups of 2021," according to top VCs and insiders.

Insider asked investors and industry experts to name the most exciting startups in digital advertising and marketing. The resulting 15 are solving critical industry problems in 2021, and we are so excited that Blutag was named a member of this illustrious group.

Blutag: Helps retailers build voice-powered interfaces

blutag founders

Startup: Blutag

Latest round: January 2021

Amount raised: $2.5 million

Total funding: $4 million

What it does: Blutag helps retailers build voice-powered interfaces for devices powered by automated assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant

Why it's on the list: Voice commerce is a powerful way to make it easy for customers to keep reordering products. But building a voice interface that connects to a store isn't easy, especially if it needs to work across platforms like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Blutag tries to simplify that process. Businesses can connect their online ecommerce platforms like Shopify or Magento so Blutag can grab their product catalog information, then choose the sort of experience they want to enable, such as creating the ability to buy things or to give product FAQs. 

Clients include Bloomingdales, L'Oréal, and Fresh Direct. Investors include the Amazon Alexa Fund, Vulcan Capital, Act One Ventures, AET Fund, Techstars Ventures, Chris Cunningham's C2 Ventures, and Progress Ventures.

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