These Alexa Skill Platforms let you build an app in just minutes blutag

These Alexa Skill Platforms Let You Build an App in Just Minutes

The voice app market is booming; Dave Isbitski from Amazon Alexa announced two weeks ago during Voice Summit in NJIT that they have more than 45,000 skills in Alexa (It was around 26k when I checked 2,5 months ago, huge increase). As of this spring, more than 47 million US adults are using voice-activated smart speakers powered by those skills. With the ever-growing popularity of voice apps with consumers, there’s no better time for Alexa skill developers or those who want to build a Google Home action.

And thankfully, developing such a skill doesn’t need to be difficult. While it might seem complicated or intimidating to build a voice-controlled AI assistant, even a layperson can get a skill up and running in a matter of minutes. With an easy-to-use Alexa skills platform and analytics for voice bots that we provide as, publishing a great voice app is a snap — here’s my picks for some of the best building platforms.


Blutag is multiplatform, which means you can use if as a Google Home developer platform in addition to making Alexa skills. Its codeless interface, just like those above, makes it beginner-friendly. Just like Voice Apps, this Alexa skill builder offers a variety of skill templates to get a head start on building useful voice applications. Blutag is particularly great for ecommerce brands dipping their toes into Alexa skills, since it offers simple integration into existing ecommerce and retail platforms.

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