Retailers are taking over smart speakers!

Retailers are taking over your smart speaker!

Ambience Boutique in Edgewater, NJ letting customers know that they are Alexa enabled.

BLUTAG INC (, is a cloud based technology platform for retailers to serve their customers using voice interactions. Blutag’s technology offers the shopper a personalized experience through voice activated smart speakers such as Amazon’s Echo (Alexa) and Google Home.

The smart voice shopping technology enables retailers to push out discounts, promotions, order status, event notifications, and a lot more. Retailers also benefit from consumer feedback data and sales analytics. This not only creates new avenues for customer acquisition but also increases in-store foot traffic.

Ambience (, a NJ based fashion boutique offering the latest in women’s clothing, footwear and accessories, just launched their voice apps on Alexa and Google Assistant using the Blutag platform.

“We are very excited to see them use our platform,” says Shilp Agarwal, Co-Founder and CEO of Blutag. “The boutique feels that Blutag can help generate more foot traffic into their stores which is a challenge for brick and mortar today.”

Corporations like Walmart are pouring millions of dollars into voice enabling their stores. Blutag has built a cloud based platform that can work seamlessly with any sized business. It has a template driven model that can interface with existing technology that a retailer has and get them up and running quickly. The platform uses Artificial Intelligence that can take existing data from a retailer, combine that with users shopping behavior to deliver a one-on-one personalized experience.

Blutag is now working with many small and large retailers to voice enable their business.

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