Charting the Evolution of Shopping For and Enjoying Food

Have you enjoyed a tasty meal with friends and family recently? There's just something undeniably special about enjoying the comforts of home, the aromas of a well-executed recipe, or the decadence of fine dining and the good life enjoyed with best companions.

That's why we admire the excellent work by PYMNTS to drive the meal plans of the future by elevating the right technological solutions to handle humanity's most basic yet inescapable needs. We all need to eat - could there be a better way to move raw materials from farm to table and wholesale to retail markets before finding their way home to you?

PYMNTS has made quite a convincing case with their extremely well-laid out, visually stunning, and impactful playbook titled How We Eat. Whether you are innovation-obsessed voice technology nerds like us, or just everyday hungry citizens, we think you'll find plenty of inspiration. They share a well-focused message that PYMNTS brings to bear about the future of food and the core technologies driving the disruption of industries and the complete transformation of our way of life.

The rise of a truly digital-first eCommerce ecosystem is invigorating mealtime across our country and worldwide. 


Voice Commerce is Transforming the Way We Enjoy Food and Our Quality Time Together 

Food unites us and brings us together. It's the respite after a hard day of work and the sweet reward after pushing ourselves past and through our limits. The recent years haven't been the easiest, but thankfully some of those meals and snack breaks along the way made all the difference. For many consumers around the world, food purchases and delivery services have shifted towards the comfort and ease of voice technology solutions. 

Right now, robotic process autonomy solutions and fully autonomous vehicles are transforming how we bring our groceries home. More than 72% of American grocery shoppers enjoy ordering groceries online. Though this practice has been gaining steam in recent years, it's exploded since the start of the pandemic and will not slow up any time soon. Customers seeking convenience have gravitated towards ecommerce channels that simplify their essential activities of daily living. 

That means today that there is a vast and growing demographic base of retail grocery shoppers of some 182 million people. It's important not to underestimate the immense traction digital-first ecommerce initiatives have in people's lives, changing behaviors, and creating new opportunities for market-leading grocers. Implementing branded voice commerce solutions represents a powerful new opportunity that connects successful online brands with their growing customer bases. 

PYMNTS surveyed 5,266 U.S. consumers to get a fresh look at how people are buying and enjoying their favorite snacks and most loved meals. This offers value to the broader ecosystem of ecommerce technologies transforming life as we know it, one bite at a time.


How We Eat What We Eat: Why New Technologies Make All the Flavors Just Even a Little Bit More Neat

Consumers have changed the way they enjoy their favorite meals since the start of the pandemic. Currently, 76% of customers choose to order food in advance when going out to eat instead of dining on-site. That has created a new opportunity for restaurateurs who can best match the whims of their customers and offer swift and reliable food takeout services.

Though consumers have also shifted the way they bring home groceries, more than 72% choose grocers based on their ability to offer perks like curbside pickup or home delivery services. In 2019 this was a small segment of grocery shoppers, but now is a trend that retailers would be wise to notice. Blutag continues to refine its voice commerce service delivery options and recently added curbside pickup support to its growing assortment of Alexa skills available for ecommerce brands. 

Ultimately though, many customers are ordering out more often than they used to before the pandemic. This makes sense, given the extra workload and stress so many have been under the last two years. As many as 85% of consumers confirm that they have been ordering meals out more regularly and looking to get groceries delivered when possible.

The rise of voice technology has played an integral role in setting the foundation of opportunity, making these changes stick, and shifting how people think about enjoying their favorite foods. Customers want the quick, safe and seamless utility that ambient computing solutions like voice tech offers to top ecommerce brands. Customers today crave convenience, simplicity and reliability. 

Ordering food online has become so popular that 67% of customers prefer to pick up their favorite meals instead of dining inside restaurants. Lucrative customer demographics such as millennials, bridge millennials, and generation x customers are far and away the most likely to have made this shift to digital-first restaurant purchases.

That trend repeats on the grocery side of the equation, with 89% of millennial shoppers purchasing groceries using curbside pickup or in-home delivery services. Your most engaged and connected customers have already made the switch, and your brand should be thinking about how to match these new user behaviors and wishes.

Implement a branded voice technology solution and harness the full potential of these new and previously untapped ecommerce sales opportunities. Your customers and competitors are already enjoying voice-powered ecommerce solutions. Get involved today and deliver the utility needed to secure your success today and long into the future. 

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