Building Out Your Sonic Branding Tool Kit

Building Out Your Sonic Branding Tool Kit

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Branding is the subtle art and delicate science of creating a public identity that attracts interest and influences consumer behaviors for all the right reasons. In today's fast-paced and highly competitive business environment, companies are highly motivated to leverage every opportunity to generate brand awareness in the minds of their prospective customers. This is where sonic branding (also known as audio branding) comes in and represents a uniquely attractive opportunity. 

Since the earliest days of business, sonic branding has been a time-honored tradition and focal point of commercial advertising. Today, the most successful retail companies are redefining the limits of sonic branding to deliver content that uses storytelling, sound design, and creativity to build unforgettable audio identities, allowing a brand to be heard even when not seen. 

A company's sonic identity can be informed by the music that plays on a website, the sound clips used to showcase a social video, and the branded voice-activated advertisements displayed across a brand's omnichannel sales experience. Sonic branding is an opportunity that adds rich and thematic contextual layers that will attract interest and influence behaviors to drive growth. 

Sonic branding is a tremendous opportunity that allows your company to develop an even more memorable, relatable, and stronger emotional connection with your audience. More than 75% of consumers have confirmed that they feel a deeper emotional connection to brands based on how sound, music, and voice are deployed. Your customers are listening to your brand, and the way your team approaches sonic branding represents an immense opportunity not to be missed.


Build a Deeper and More Emotional Connection to Using Voice Technology to Reinforce Your Sonic Branding 

Long ago, brands realized that combining their branding messages with sound could create a deeper emotional connection with their audiences. Today, the most successful companies are taking audio branding to the next level by implementing audio branding solutions along various touchpoints in their omnichannel customer experience landscapes. 

From a neuroscientific point of view, sound and language are intrinsically connected to our cerebral hemispheres' activity. The way our brain processes sound is connected to our emotions and physiological condition. Listening to sounds activates our brains and releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter believed to strongly influence areas of mood and emotion, and even produces measurable changes in skin conductance, heart rate, breathing, and temperature. Listening is a holistic experience that activates awareness across our complete mental and physical landscape. 

Sound creates profound emotional connections that both move our hearts and activate the deepest and most resourceful parts of our minds. While our music listening preferences and levels of appreciation may vary as individuals, sound's effect on our emotions is universal and represent a unique opportunity for brands seeking to develop a singular and truly unforgettable brand identity. 


Speak to the Value of Your Brand: Blutag Can Help 

Today is the perfect day to make the strategic investment in ensuring your ecommerce brand is taking advantage of every opportunity to achieve and exceed your sales and revenue targets for the year. Achieving success depends on developing a dynamic and holistic branding strategy that maximizes sales potential at the lowest possible cost. 

Sonic branding represents a unique new opportunity for your brand to activate your target audience and connect sounds to their actions such as completing an order or checking on the status of a delivery. Incorporating sonic branding into your marketing and sales strategy is a powerful way to entrain your customers and create more meaningful opportunities for them to interact with your brand in a hand’s free and seamless way.

Blutag positions your brand to build out a unique sonic identity, deploy A.I.-powered chat assistants, and capitalize on the rise of voice-powered ecommerce. Take advantage of the opportunity today and deliver a voice branding solution that will drive success.

Get in touch today to learn more about Blutag's complete range of branded conversational commerce solutions for retail. We are your source for the sonic branding solutions powered with voice. Download the Ebook

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