New Ebook: The Rise of Voice Apps Within the Retail Industry

NEW EBOOK:  Learn how retailers can use voice technology to grow sales and cultivate loyal customers in our new ebook: The Rise of Voice Apps Within the Retail Industry.

COVID brought a massive swing in consumer behaviors. Increasingly, customers are shopping from their devices (i.e. phones, tablets, smart speakers), enjoying options such as curbside and locker pickup, and are having more household, prepared food, and grocery items delivered to their front doors. Although fueled by safety issues, shoppers are taking to convenience options like wildfire. 

Voice shopping also offers people a tremendous amount of convenience—and consumers are responding! Voice shopping is expected to soar to $40 billion by 2022. And retailers need to understand: this growth is twice as fast as what we saw for mobile shopping.  

People are chatting and searching for things via smart speakers like Alexa more every day and are coming to expect that voice shopping will be just as convenient. Particularly for replenishment items like milk, shampoo, dog food, and the like, multitask ordering while walking the dog or cooking a meal is strongly resonating with many shoppers.

In our new ebook, we outline the incredible figures of voice shopping's adoption by customers and what you should know about using the technology to grow customer loyalty.

Our ebook covers: 

  • The current growth and trends in voice apps
  • Examples of top retail voice apps on the market
  • Why you need a voice shopping strategy
  • The top features your voice app should have
  • And much more!

Do not miss your opportunity to gain traction in delighting your customers with convenience before your competitors do!   

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